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Egon Software is responsible for the Information Technology infrastructure of the Egon group. We not only serve as the guardian of the existing IT infrastructure, but as the provider of new solutions and management of existing resources to match the group’s growing needs. We serve as the hub providing the complete IT framework to the entire group that is spread across multiple locations .

To this effect, our IT services and solutions can be broadly classified as:
  • Database, Server, and Allied Management
  • Communication Services
  • Security Services
  • Remote Working Solutions
  • .NET Solutions
Database, Server, and Allied Management:
All databases and servers are kept up and running round-the-clock, catering to different time zones and operation sizes of different companies. We also maintain different user level groups and manage them, implement group policies, e-mail archiving, and so on.
What we use:
  • Oracle database
  • CRM (Pivotal)
  • Virtualization
  • Active directory
  • MS Exchange 2007
  • mDeamon
Communication Services:
Egon software has implemented mobile and Internet related communication applications for effective, instant, and cost effective communication among the entire group. To this effect, we have deployed VOIP, SIP management, net conference, and instant communication solutions.
What we use:
  • Blackberry with Exchange
  • Citrix
  • MS Communicator 2007
Security Services:
There cannot be a network without all its components running like a well-oiled machine smoothly interacting with each other. Failure of a single component will collapse the entire system irrespective of the smooth working of all other components. Egon Software understands these crucial business truths. With an IT network system connecting multiple locations and company sizes, we ensure that all our systems are well protected using cost effective and the most up to date network security.
What we use:
  • MPLS Network
  • VPN - site to site and dialup
Remote Working Solutions:
Remote working solutions provided by Egon Software are essential for the various functions of the entire company operations starting from communication, to accessing systems and applications. In addition, we provide backup services including remote backup and data recovery of databases in all locations.
What we use:
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft Terminal Server
Our Implementations
We have implemented over 40 servers in 9 locations. RFID technology is also implemented to power various business areas. This is an indication of the strength of our services to our group companies and testimony that we are the nerve centre of the groups IT infrastructure.