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About us
Egon Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Egon Holdings SA, Luxembourg. Egon Holdings is part of a privately owned business group having many group companies under it and operations in 13 countries. Trading and manufacturing of Diamonds, Diamond Jewelry are the primary businesses of Egon Group although Real Estate and Investments also form part of substantial business interests.

Egon Software is set up in India to provide back-office services to all the Egon Group companies located in diverse locations around the world. Based in Pune, Egon Software has initiated many projects related to the operations of its group companies. Some of the projects initiated and maintained by Egon Software are SAP ERP across group companies, international networking, and centralised documentation management system. Egon’s accounting services to the group comply with IFRS standards, followed by very few companies in India. Since its inception, Egon’s services to its group companies as a captive KPO have expanded in volume and proportion.
Egon Group
Egon group is the world leader in diamond manufacturing and sales. It has diamond cutting and polishing operations in Thailand, Botswana, South Africa, India, and Canada. Egon’s customers are leading diamond manufacturers, wholesalers of polished diamonds, and diamond jewelry retailers. Sales operations are present in Belgium, Luxemburg, US, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and Botswana. Diarough NV is the flagship company of the group.